How it all started – I

I want to tell you about how everything has started for me, please keep in mind, though it may seem that you have some similar symptoms, please do not think immediately that you have the same thing, I’m pretty sure that you are alright! We all are different and I just was dealt quite a bad hand there.  

It started somewhere in the middle of April 2018 – this terrible cough that didn’t want to leave me alone. Like, at all. At first, I didn’t pay any attention to it, it was just beginning of the spring and all usual seasonal running nose and some cough, who would even think twice? But I started to feel kind of irritated by it, so I tried some simplest treatments, from just warm drinks to some mints and Strepsils and even Terracough – I  even think that I went through 3 or 4 bottles of that stuff, trying to cough out something sitting in my chest. That should have been enough, right? But the cough just didn’t leave me alone! At some point, my husband became quite disgruntled with constant day and night coughing for almost 3 weeks and sent me to see the doctor.  

My first visit to Vardcentralen (health center in Sweden) was pretty much dull and uneventful, as I expected.  The doctor asked what was my problem, and since I had no fever, no any evident problems with health or other symptoms, nothing apart from this stupid-stupid cough, he said that it will pass naturally soon enough and sent me on my way. Right? I was a little bit humiliated for having gone to the doctor with a common cold and upset that I had to wake up so early in the morning to get there, and very much angry on my own body for behaving this way. Therefore I decided to go all nuclear on my cold with some more traditional home-style treatments. OMG, I even gargled my throat with iodine and soda, and rinsed the nose from mucous with salty water (I can’t even express how much I hate this procedure from my childhood, I have no idea still how did I make myself to do this then, but I did, so desperate was I.). I bought stronger expectorant medicine from bronchitis, though it didn’t help to get rid of the mucous I felt in my throat. IT WAS ON!

Few more weeks passed.

But nothing helped. NOTHING! AT! ALL!

My overall condition got worse. I was always tired from coughing and not being able to sleep well at nights. Nevertheless, I tried to continue working and had to carry a lot of the photography equipment with me. Before on some small assignments, I didn’t take the car, but now, I even asked my husband to take me and even carry the equipment to the door!  I struggled for breath with every move, it’s hard to remember now how I gradually became so much worse, but I was working, and I got some new clients I didn’t want to cancel, and I almost didn’t have any fever.

One more month passed for sure, then already all my friends wondered, why am l so ill still? My husband was really worried, as an only person witnessing my problems with breathing in my sleep, and basically breathing at all. The sounds in my chest became so loud, that I imagine now our neighbors were able to hear me wheezing while breathing in my sleep )))) Still I didn’t want to go to the doctor again, because I was afraid the doctor would see the situation in the same light…

To be continued…

Next parts are: 2, 3, 4

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