I feel bad starting a new blog and then keeping quiet just after the first actual post. But still, after all this time, I have a hard time to understand how much I can do, not just physically, but even mentally. t. ex. I want to sleep after too many painkillers and its hard to concentrate on something if you feel dizzy all day long…

I just got my second chemo recently, and one would say, you should have known when is your next chemo, woman!  But since I’m in the hospital now with some complications, it was rescheduled because of my condition, and the decision to finally give it to me was made on the spot, so I got a notice just one day in advance when I got my “preparatory” cortisone with all the other pills. This is how exciting and unexpected my life is now, haha!

I will try to continue to write as much as I can, promise!


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