Post surgery – day 4

This is the first day I feel somewhat in my conscious and able to analyze and register what’s going on, thanks to anesthesia, too much pain and painkillers, doctors and tiredness and… constipation %)

Since this is the first time I mention any surgery, I need to explain what had happened.

Unfortunately, this was not any type of surgery to remove my tumor or any part of it, as one can assume. This was the one to deal with the consequences.

Some time ago we found out, that I got a metastasis in my spine, at first they found just one – in the lower part of my back, but since I was complaining about the pain higher up my spine, they checked and found another one.

Both tumors got lased by radiotherapy and we have forgotten about it for some time (well, not actually, but I will tell about it in a post about previous days of my illness). As a help for this injuries, I got special medicine to strengthen my bones. Only it seems that it didn’t help as much as we hoped to. Because when I got to the hospital this time around, they panicked on my CT scans and said that I need to do the spine surgery as fast as possible and even forbid me to move without special support as far as to the toilet inside my hospital room! So apparently, one of the vertebrae damaged by cancer was too injured and collapsed causing the vertebrae around it to crumble to the inside like a too big multilayered sandwich which could cause the damage to the spinal cord with really severe consequences, as you can understand. And the surgeon was afraid that it can happen any time soon and happen instantly.

Well, I thought that the booking of the surgery in Sweden is not a fast process, there are not many times available usually. My doctors said that they’d try to do it as fast as possible because my condition was dangerous. How surprised was I when the same evening one of the nurses came and said: “I need to wash you before you are going to sleep with the special stuff for the surgery.” “Surgery? Do I have surgery already booked?”, – I asked. “I need to wash you this night with the special stuff for the surgery.” – repeated the nurse. :))) So we had a nice shower with extra chlorhexidine in it!

A little bit later another nurse came and told me that now I was going to be fastening from midnight till the surgery itself – nothing to eat and, if possible, not to drink. Though the time of the surgery was still unknown, they just knew it would be the next day. And I’m quite ok with not eating, It’s not drinking that bothers me the most, cause I’m a drinker. I can not survive without a glass of water! Next morning I was trying to drink as little as possible and felt absolutely miserable about it. No one could tell when the surgery would be, and I was supposed to not to drink ANYTHING two hours in advance. Well, it didn’t make me feel any better. And in the end, as I just gave in to another sip of water, they took me to the surgery.


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