How it all started – II

So, after the long and unsuccessful fighting with “a cough”, and even more unsuccessful visit to the doctor, which I told about in Part 1, I finally went to see the doctor for the second time.

To my surprise, it went much better and my illness was taken seriously this time. Maybe because the wheezing sounds in my chest became unmistakably audible, or the fact that I finally get a fever once, but the doctor saw that I have problems breathing, and checked the volume of my lungs by making me exhale as strongly as I can in a special tube, which even with all my force appeared to be too small for the grown women, though the saturation of oxygen in my body was quite well. As a next step, he sent me to some inhalation procedure, that helped to open the bronchi and ease the breathing. The inhalation actually made it much easier for me to breathe, but the lung volume didn’t increase too much afterward. So I got some prescriptions for respiratory anti-inflammatory medicine, or something like that and went back.

After some time I went to see the doctor again and went through the same procedure of the inhalation, but still didn’t feel any better. But it was obvious, that inhalations helped me to breathe much easier and function as a human being, while any other treatments didn’t have any effect on me.

Finally, the doctor decided to send me to the X-ray fluorography, and it showed the dark mark in my left lung, which was interpreted as lung inflammation and I got some antibiotics finally. I was really happy! Not that I love to take antibiotics (I’d always prefer not to use them if possible), but it felt nice to get a diagnosis and a treatment which I can understand.

And what do you think? After a week NOTHING HELPED!

It came to the point that I could not go through the day without going to the Vardcentral for the Inhalation, so hard was it for me to breathe. In the weekend I had to go to an Emergency hospital (or Akut in Swedish) to get the same inhalation. It was really hard to explain there why I came and the story of my illness to the new doctor, and that I just need one procedure from them, not a new diagnosis, but in the end, they helped me.

Next Monday I went to see my usual doctor again. By that time my lung capacity was already terrible, and the antibiotics didn’t help at all, I even got a fever again. So my doctor decided that he can not help me anymore and sent me to the St. Görans hospital where they could do more thorough tests and probably find out what’s going on with me. I was very bewildered and concerned at this point. This was the first time in all my life I saw a doctor “resting his case”.

To be continued…


Next Parts are: 3, 4

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