How It All Started – III

It was quite difficult to be “me” recently, but I’m trying to continue writing in the moments I feel able to express myself better.

Anyway, I need to continue and finish as soon and possible this story of my diagnosis, and here you can find previous Parts 1 and 2.

So, there was I in the StG hospital in the center of Stockholm. To tell the truth, I had never seen such a big medical institution before (Little did I know at that time about the new hospital which had just been built in Stockholm!). It took some time before my husband and I found the registration, even with all the helpful infographics. There I gave a letter from my doctor from Vardcentral and I was allowed into the waiting area. As appeared, despite me having an appointment from the other doctor, I had to wait in an emergency area for a couple of hours. My husband had to go at this point. By that time, I already had troubles breathing again, and what’s worse! – my mobile was running out of battery! )))))

Well, after a couple of tedious hours in the waiting area, I was called in and a nurse took the measurements and blood samples and then – I was sent back to the waiting area!!! %) Where I had spent another half an hour to an hour again before the doctor came out to talk to me. At first, we had a hard time to find a free place in the emergency rooms to sit and talk. Most of the “cubicles” were busy with already admitted patients. It was insane how many people were there!!! In a hindsight, I’m amazed that they attended to me in the time they did! When we have found a place and sat for a talk, again, as in the very beginning, I had to answer all the questions about my cough, or if I had traveled abroad for the past 6 months, or if I smoked, and a lot of questions connected to tuberculosis.

The doctor left.

I should say that all this time I had to talk in English or “Swenglish” since my medical vocabulary was very poor. And all the personnel helped me in English and have been very patient with my apparent language barrier.

After the doctor left, a nurse came in and said that they will give me a bed and a place till they do all the procedures. Explaining this, she was covering herself in quite an amount of protective stuff and then she gave me a lot of different napkins, saying, that if I want to cough on the way to the ward, I need to do it strictly into these napkins. This was getting pretty intense! To the point, that my ward was almost the only room in the department, with the actual walls, not privacy screens, and with the separate chamber before the entrance with lots of rubber gloves, boots and overalls – briefly speaking – real Biohazard or Dexter stuff! If I were not so ill or exhausted, I would have been really scared at this point %)))

The room itself was quite nice, with the hospital bed, table and a couple of chairs and a spacious bathroom. The nurse took all the measurements again and a whole new big batch of blood. When she was leaving, I asked if my husband can come, and she said that actually – no, because I could be contagious for him, even though we were living together! In the end, we agreed that he will be able to pass me some things, like a phone charger. That was really fun! HHAHAHAHA! I assume, that they were still suspecting tuberculosis.

All the nurses were coming and going, cautiously dressing in the separated chamber. It didn’t happen very often though. And they were coming mostly for more blood… Huh?

At one moment the door just opened and my husband came in. “How can you be here?” – I cried out )) -” you wouldn’t be able to go out! This door doesn’t open from my side… ” “The nurse laughed on your quarantine status and just let me in”, he said while digging up so needed phone charger for me.

In half an hour another nurse came in and was shocked and didn’t know what to do, because “He is not allowed to be here, because you are under the quarantine status!” she exclaimed. In the end, they gave us “clear” and he could do as he pleased – stay or go home, while I had to stay, probably overnight for some more tests…

SO… I was waiting. 

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