It was past November 2018, the 9th. I felt completely shuttered and sad over the Food and Wine Conference, which were held again here in Stockholm. First of all, I wanted to go. The second, I wanted to go as a Food photographer, and it also would mean to give out cards, show my beautiful works and talk about my studio, and I would have been professional and confident, and land some new clients there.

All of these I had been planning previously a year before (2017). I had been planning that on the same Conference when I had just started the process to register myself as an entrepreneur and came just to check it out, being too shy to present myself to anybody at all %) Even though, I believe, I already had had quite nice examples of work 😉

And at that time, I didn’t even have any strength to go, and I hadn’t had enough power to pick up the camera for months and months at that point… 

And just now I see, at least, I was at home, though already sick, but yet not in the hospital bed, lacking a couple of scars, that I acquired after. And who knows, maybe it all came to be as it supposed to be.

But One November, anyway, I’ll do it. I’ll come to the conference as a Food photographer. And I will be even better in what I do and how I feel and present myself to my future customers!

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