How I got kicked out of the hospital

Oh, finally getting home after the hideous, almost two months long, overstay on a hospital bed, after some time, my brain started to work a little, and I realized that I totally forgot to tell the story, how about two weeks ago (already three, while I was finishing this post!) I was kicked out of the hospital I was in, and placed in another one till the end of my “sentence”! It was a shocking precedent for me, really! Why do they do it?


At that time my Doctor at the “Hospital K” and I were discussing my possibilities of going home as comfortable as possible. Still, I was in much pain and it didn’t look like it’ll be safe for me at the moment, but we were getting there step by step. I knew they wanted to send me home as fast as possible… And I even applied for the Home Care services so there will be some help for me at home, at least at the beginning, if I were not completely able to take care of myself. And yet!

It was an exceptionally ill-suited moment, to tell the truth. The time was not good for me pain wise, and I was waiting for the medications. And I’m not very bright or even nice at those moments, especially if I have to wait for too long… you know what I mean… And exactly at that moment 2 doctors came up and started to talk to me. It was the first time I saw them.

– So, – they said, – There is a bed available at…”some-name-I-do-not-know”, are you taking it?

– What? What #@*? What do you mean? – it was hard for me to concentrate.

– There is a bed available in “Hospital S”, would you like to book it? – repeated one of them.

– What is it? – I still hadn’t quite understood what they were talking about.

– It’s a hospital. You can move there. – she said in a way you talk to an unstable person (and she was quite right – ha-ha!). I think, just because everyone else here knows about these things exist and you can have them as an option, but I’m still a foreigner, I have no clue about a lot of stuff, unfortunately…

– How is it different from this one? Can’t I stay here? Who are you? I’m not going anywhere! – Hearing about some other place, moreover, another hospital, I started to panic.

– But you had talked about leaving with your doctor? – they asked more cautiously.

– Well, yeah, TO GO HOME, not somewhere else! – I answered.

– Well, but you can’t take care of yourself at home so they will take care of you there, they are specialized in that. – they said.

– Why do I hear about it just now? – that was bothering me a lot.

– But you had talked about leaving with your doctor? – they asked again.

– Yes, but not about that!

Here a nurse came with the painkillers, but in a syringe with the needle instead of my usual Picc-Line ending, I tried to find out why, but I couldn’t concentrate enough at the moment. And then everything got even worse … Obviously, we still do not know why, but I got some strange reaction at the injection and the place of the stab started to burn soooo bad, that I literally was screaming! And two doctors, who came to talk, muttering something about “we will talk to your doctors again then”, scuttered away.

After my pains calmed down and I came to my senses, I googled the place and found out in the description that their main job was a hospice, which made my hair stand. Am I that bad? I was almost crying! Well… To tell the truth – not “almost”, I was… almost. . . wailing. Did they write me off already? Once again I needed some time to calm down.

To wrap it up, the next day I talked to both of my doctors in “Hospital K” and decided to move. It was the right decision not because they were writing me off, or because they had more urgent patients for my place (though they admitted they had). But because it appeared that at the new place they have better knowledge of pains and some other stuff helpful to me in my condition. And I do not actually need any big tests or CT or any acute treatment right now, which the hospital can provide, so, I’m good to go home, actually, but I can’t so they will be my pre-home.

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