Exercise in “taking it easy” at home

Do you know that I have especially fiery ants in my pants and was never able to take it easy? It didn’t happen when I came back from the hospital the previous time too. And you know, I’m very well aware of my situation and the condition I’m in, the consequences and chances. The aftermath and repercussions each day can bring depending on how I spend it.

psfix_20190225_0123394986240705272295098.jpegSo, the time had finally come for me to leave the second hospital. And I was planning to do better this time! By the way, both places were really great, especially the people who work there! But I’d love not to come back to these great places, as you can understand. Which means that at home I should be very careful, take little steps, do not overstretch my limited resources, be patient at least! So, the day I was going home was exciting enough and this time, I thought I would take it slowly and wouldn’t jump around!

Attempt #1

Everything was going smoothly. We got back home and met with our home care nurses and stayed home with no plans except for a dinner, nicely cooked by my husband and, maybe, a movie.

Over the dinner, we were discussing, that the next day we need to buy some coffee capsules, so, my husband has to go to the mall during the day. I instantly remembered, that there is an optics with an ophthalmologist in that mall! I had problems with glasses for ages, and who knows when the next opportunity will present itself??? I’d booked time on-line in a blink of an eye. Ooops….

Ok, – I thought, – I just need to take it easy. Any trip in my condition is quite complicated already, and we would probably have to wait there for some time and I’ll be exhausted. My husband will pick up coffee meanwhile I’m in the cabinet, so it’ll be just in-and-out and we will be on our way home in no time.

Next day we went on our in-and-out ophthalmologist trip. After the visit to the specialist, we ended up looking over some new frames for the glasses, though I didn’t plan on having any. But while doing it, I had a moment to understand that this might be a unique opportunity for me to do my brows by a nearby specialist, which would be nice after such a long time and, of course, I went for it. And we also needed to pick something up in the pharmacy, here and there, and it went on… Until I realized that I do not have any more strength even to stay upright and my dear husband should take me back home. And we decided to take it slow the next day, because, we need to have a good rest obviously, especially me!

Attempt #2

One more day started, and it’s just one day before our birthday. And it should be panic-y, busy and a bit crazy and pants on fire, but not this time. We are taking it easy! We need to prepare for our birthday just a little bit. Seriously, a little. No guests. Dinner ordered from the restaurant and, maybe, a movie.

Ah, yes, and the part to prepare – a cheesecake! I’m not good at baking! Cooking – yes, baking – no. So, it’s not an easy task for me, not “a piece of cake”, you might say %)))) But we had an already perfected plan – I would be sitting on the sofa, and “taking it easy”, like it should be, and would give orders on what to do (like it should be 😉 ). And my husband would do everything. The plan may seem strange, but we have tried baking this way already before, so we decided to try it again.

All the ingredients were bought in the morning, in our videophone shopping style, in order for I would be able to help and stay at home at the same time.

We were getting ready to start when I noticed that more and more often my husband’s phone started to vibrate on a kitchen table, asking for more and more of his time to answer emails. I knew it was work, and the important one, so I expected the moment when after some time he came and said that he has to work, luckily, from home. Thus, our plan came down in flames. But I still wanted that damn cheesecake, and since all of the heavy-lifting was basically done, I was able to start baking myself. I was doing it step by step, with lots of rest, but asking for husband’s help and interrupting work a little if it was a task I couldn’t do by myself at all.

Strangely, the cheesecake appeared to be different from what we made together by the same recipe %))) But we made it! And by “we” this time I mean me and the cheesecake! Hahahah!

But I was really tired.

Attempt #3


To finally have a good calm day, we planned to stay the whole day at home and have a quiet family time over some great ordered food and a cheesecake, when the day started early morning with the phone call from my nurse, saying, that they forgot to take some blood samples and need to come by right away.*

Will I be able to “take it easy”?

*Nothing serious, do not worry 🙂




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