Little specks of happiness

Some time ago, somewhere in October or November last year, already taken by the storm of my disease, I saw a post in Instagram @Allthingsgreen by Maria Bååth that when you have times when you feel sad and unhappy and life just passing by. You need to stop, take a deep breath and think of three positive things. Just three! It was soooo hard for me, you can’t imagine!psfix_20190227_2354243212571839364044697.jpeg

Just three things, that make me feel better, happy, no matter how sad and lost I felt because of the things not happening to me at that moment. I couldn’t do it with the first try, but  I tried again the next day and the day after. Who would have thought, that it could be such a difficult task? Or was it just for me?

Now it’s much easier to see these positive things and it became much easier to seize small moments of happiness every day, no matter how hard it could have been.

[A small moment of happiness from the time I was in the hospital]

I’d love to tell. I felt happy. Just purely simply happy at that moment. Even though I lie in a hospital bed, have just taken a handful of pills… But we were lying beside each other and were sharing small fun things from the Internet, which we were finding at the moment, like cute cats and pictures. And it’s so stupid and normal at the same time, and so amazing!

These are my small specs of gold, of my everyday happiness.

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