A tiring but great day

Last Friday I woke up quite late, I’d taken my morning medicine being half-awake and went back to sleep, and what’s more, I wasn’t woken up neither by fever nor pain (Hurray!).

Afterward, my dear husband made me a breakfast of omelet with bacon and spinach and cherry tomatoes.

psfix_20190304_2147416748312751974124868.jpegOne of the exciting things for today was that our friend was coming to visit us today all the way from Germany. It’ll be a short visit, but a rare opportunity! So, while my husband was meeting him at the airport, I gathered all my strength together and went for the shower! If you have been lying on the hospital bed for the two months with very limited capacity to move, you’d know what I mean. I literally gathered all my strength and went for the shower. I even washed my hair. But I tried to be very quick to get out.

What a feeling of accomplishment! And a smell of my favorite shampoo! 😁

I was ready right in time, and we had a great one-and-a-half-hour coffee! Yes, just that. But it was important anyway! I can’t explain yet, but I think someday, I’ll write about the people we can’t go through all of this without. It’s very important to have people, who come for coffee with pastries right to the hospital, even though I was negative and whining whole week about how morbid I look and that no one should be allowed to see me; who come for a quick cup of tea at your place from Germany, or just from the first floor – to be there, to hug, to support. We need people who believe, and who’s genuinely eager to see you getting well soon.  

After we said goodbyes, my husband and I decided that while the weather and my spine allow, we had to catch the moment and have a small walk. Thanks to our great neighborhood, it’s a close walk to the nice scenery and water, that I could manage. It was frosty and felt really great.

Later for the dinner, a nice vegetable mushroom soup was planned. Usually for the last half a year, as you know, my cooking mostly consisted of sitting comfortably on the sofa, and today this option also existed. But I tried at least to start by myself and help out until I felt I could.  And I was ALMOST there, almost at the point where in a recipe would have been written: “close the lid, let it simmer for couple more minutes and the soup is ready to serve”.  But I was honest to myself and my body, so I summoned my husband to finish with the potatoes and some seasoning. It turned out perfect, light but filling for a late dinner, and vegetarian by the way (not on purpose though).

To finish our day the nurse called to plan a blood test and we decided that she would come over tonight, so that the test would be ready early in the morning next day, otherwise, I would be in the hospital the next morning and it’ll be postponed till the evening the next day, which in turn would postpone the blood transfusions I needed. So we also greeted the nurse and offered her a cookie for the hard work 🙂

Only then quite a long day for my contemporary life was kind of finished and the rest of it I mostly spent in bed wondering how hard would I pay for such a day tomorrow in pains? Was it too much or just the right amount?  Would I be alright or take a few more pills or stay in bed?

I wonder…


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