Medically busy day

Another day, that’s good, right? This one was expected to be more medically charged.  

Saturday I was going to the radiotherapy in the morning. I find it strange that such procedures are scheduled on weekends, but who am I to judge. It was also pretty early in the morning and probably after the active day before (and, I swear, quite an early bedtime) I had an incredibly hard time to wake up. It’s good that thanks to my man, the only things I had to do were to eat my porridge and get dressed. I found myself awake in the car only. No wonder, since every get-away from home for me now is like a school trip for a kid 😂😂😂 psfix_20190305_2352593451561770566914347.jpeg

This would be the second radiation treatment for meI hope to tell you about the first one in the “remembrance” part of my blog. But I could tell you now, that it didn’t go well and made the pain so much worse, that I ended up in bed for weeks. So, this time everyone, myself included, was really worried about how my body would react.

A nurse met us and explained again that it could be worse after the treatment, for a few weeks, but it would be better in the end. The procedure went uneventful, and so, the first test of my well-being would be whether I could sit and stand up from the bench of the apparatus itself.  The test, which I happily passed! We got home without any troubles too, except that I felt dizzy and threw up a bit, but again, it seemed to be a normal reaction for me. It was a good start though, but just the same I was waiting for something to happen for the rest of the day and moved around like I was made of glass…

When we came back home from the hospital, I messaged the nurses to let them know that I’m back. So, they could plan when they can come to give me blood. I’ve got low hemoglobin, so a couple of transfusions were planned for me. We do not know why, but it should be the reaction to the treatment. The nurse answered, that she would just pick up the blood for me and would come straight away in about half-an-hour. Everything happened a bit faster than I expected, and I had huge plans before they come, like to eat the whole burger we picked up from MAX (yeah, I know, but I needed something after I threw up!) and talk to my mum, but it was nice that I receive a fast service today!  I just had to hurry up! 😆😆😆  

The blood transfusion is quite a boring procedure, though the nurses have to stay to control it. Well, it is boring, because it was going on as it supposed to, without any side-effects. So, we had some coffee and chatted. My PICC-line (the great invention that allows nurses to avoid sticking me with needles every time) behaved itself too, and the blood was going in with the appropriate speed. Though in the end, the nurse got a couple of calls from other patients and it made me worry because I know how urgently one need their help at times while she had to stay with me until transfusion would be finished.  

Luckily, quite soon we both were free and bid farewell.  

I felt really tired, to the point that I couldn’t keep my eyelids open, but couldn’t fall asleep at the same time. I felt relieved, that we haven’t anything else planned for today, cause I had to stay in bed for the rest of it for sure. I was wondering, why I felt so tired since blood transfusions are even considered as doping in sports. Is it something wrong with me again? But my temperature was alright and otherwise I felt goodtired to the bone. Only later, I found out from the doctor, that blood transfusions are starting to take effect only ia day or two. And again, had to have one more bag to take care of my level of hemoglobin tomorrow. So, I could have just relaxed and not been worried.  

And I wasn’t. Until later in the night I asked for extra painkillers thanks to my morning radiation treatment 🙁 

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