How it all started – IV

So, we are coming to the point little by little. I was holed up in the StG Hospital for hours now, with nobody knowing what’s going on with me, and keeping me under quarantine, just in case. How my journey started and how I get here you can read in previous parts 123.

psfix_20190310_1948191240344933405517803.jpegLate in the evening, a nurse came in and said that finally X-Ray department has found a drop-in time to do a CT, – that’s what we’d been waiting for, I realized! And arriving there in my cot, I saw the previous patient being driven out. So obviously, the schedule was tight.

It was the first time, I have ever had a CT scan, and I saw the equipment! For me, it was not scary, more like very interesting! They gave me an intravenous contrast, which felt really hot in some places, hmm, fun! And I do not remember now how much of the scan they did, but it was head and thorax and may be abdominal area too.

After the CT, I got back to my really comfortable quarantine. To wait some more. Finally, a couple of doctors came and took ECG, and it seemed that they didn’t like it much. Because they came back with an ultrasound machine and did the ultrasound on my heart and I remember the main doctor saying “Here, the dancing heart”. I didn’t quite understand what it meant, but after that, the world around me changed from slow-mo and waiting all the time to rushing forward on high speed. 

I didn’t quite understand what was going on. They said that they need urgently send me to another hospital K (the one you have already heard about in the blog, because I spent there the most of my time there) to do surgery for me, but I remember, that I didn’t understand what kind of surgery exactly. As I understood, the doctor in the other hospital would meet me and explain everything in greater detail. Was it my lack of Swedish or a shock I was in, but basically I was going to the operation without quite understanding what the hell was going on with me. Somehow, I was asking mostly, where my husband can find me. They say again, that I’d meet the doctors in the Hospital K and that will help, but for now, I just needed to go-go-go. They were packing me up in a hurry.

And I was rushed away in an ambulance with two really handsome male nurses. All that I had with me at the moment was the mobile phone and a charger for it.

On the arrival to the hospital K we were met by the doctor, as I noticed, not casually dressed for the meeting with the patient kind of – white coat thingy, but more seriously, like “I’m from the operating theater” blue covers. He also looked like he was in a hurry, so everyone exchanged the information about me in a very fast pace and rolled me straight to the huge operating room.

The room was quickly filling up with nurses and doctors. Somewhere here I found out that I got a liquid collected around my left lung and heart and it should be drained away as fast as possible.

Each nurse, doctor or other person coming in introduced themselves, which was really nice, because I was scared enough to be surrounded with just nameless blue masks. And the surgeon appeared great. The people closest to me explained what they were doing, or asked if they can do something if they needed to touch me. The whole thing was happening under the local anesthesia, but I was almost unconscious by myself. I was incredibly shocked, stressed and already tired to remember any details. I remember that at the beginning of the operation I started to feel really dizzy and almost threw up because of the morphine anesthetic, so they had to find some replacement. I also remember that the needles for the anesthetics were really long and really flexible and they were sticking out of me and bent somewhere behind the bed. And the operating theater had a huge X-Ray machine and a screen, so, all the medics had the protective gear on them while performing, and as I understand, thanks to that I only have just a couple of dots after this operation.

In the end, they got from under my lungs about two liters of liquid and one liter from under my heart. When I told my husband about it, he didn’t believe me, he said, that I understood wrong and it should have been two hundred milliliters or something, but no, I was actually shown the bottles by the surgeon, and they did look like it, and later on the doctor confirmed the results of the operation.  Moreover, the next few days I still had the drainage on me and they continued to collect the liquid.

After the surgery, they gave me the room in the Hospital K. I was beaten, run-down, exhausted and only starting to understand the amounts of pain expecting me. I was met by an absolutely charming caring grey-haired nurse, who helped me and got me comfortable that night.  It was quite late and I still hadn’t been in contact with my second half from the moment I got into the ambulance car! I finally called, and he said he couldn’t wait and he was around in the hospital campus all the time, so I persuaded my nice nurse to meet him all the way down the main entrance and guide him to me, and this, believe me, is a long route.

I thought the hard stuff was behind me…

To be continued…


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