Radiotherapy nr 2 – week 1

So, last Saturday I went through the second session of radiotherapy. It went quite well, as you may remember, and I just had some pains at night, but a small dose of painkillers helped.

psfix_20190313_0115476818639906821201819.jpegBut the real problem with radiotherapy, which I found out in my own experience, is that it’s fine the next day, and then it’s getting worse, worse and worse into the second week. Really, really bad in my case. For the last week I have experienced different variations of pain, such as light day pains, when they are hardly noticeable (especially if your mind is occupied by something); ghostly light night pains, when they are not waking you up but make your sleep slightly uncomfortable so, that it takes a lot of time to recognize it, wake up and, finally, consciously do something about it.

There was also gazillion types of medium pains which make you think if you really need a painkiller, or how much of it do you need? And of course, there were the strong ones. Those who wake you up immediately in the middle of the night or kick all the air out of your lungs during the day… For these you need the biggest dose of per-oral painkiller, or, which I’d prefer – the small dose of intravenous one, but I can’t have them outside the hospital 😆😆

I didn’t get to the last worst pains yet, only the medium stuff at the moment, which bugs my dear husband sometimes, because I waste time to decide what type of pill do I need, how strong (And yes, I’m dumb enough to take my time to think 😃) But the second week is upon us, and it can still get a liiiiitle bit worse. I’m not a fan of pills and a sheer amount of medication I take on a daily basis makes even a thought about taking some ‘extra’ almost unbearable. So, my nurses take their time to remind me that I need to take care of myself and take painkillers when I need them without hesitation.

And, of course, remember, it WILL BE BETTER afterward.

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