Stay positive

As people who surround me know, I do, or at least try to, stay positive!

psfix_20190318_0013167240732797990494495.jpegI do not google (more on that later) not to see bad stuff, but I do hope, make plans and do stuff on the days when I can, or not 😜😜😜 I move from the day to a day trying not to focus on the depressing stuff. Of course, there are moments when I cannot stop thinking about it and I feel scared or sad for a moment here and there. At times like this, I try to get these feelings out. Get it out, do not keep them and then fill the mind with the positive things again. E.g. do “think of three positive things” exercise, which I wrote about earlier.

I do think that it is really important. Do not allow all these hard feelings to go over you. Because, if you just sit down, give in and let them – they will consume you, overpower you and devour your will to go on.

It is also really important for the people around you – your beloved ones, relatives, friends, and people who care. Recently I called my grandmother and when she worryingly/cautiously asked me, how am I, I said good, and she repeated in disbelief – good? But yes, I was good, I felt well this morning, and it was enough for me. We laughed! And laugh makes us live longer 😃

It’s not easy. It’s actually extremely hard and sometimes almost unbearable: when I see people doing something I wanted or planned to do I feel sad; or a stupid radiation treatment, after which I spent 2 weeks in bed inside 4 walls – I felt so angry! And even staying inside for a long time just by yourself affects your mood little by little.

For me, I found out, it’s important to go out! I cannot live in an enclosed space for long. When I was better, I would often go for a stroll along the strand from home for a couple of kilometers which would take me just an hour or so. But even now when all that I could is just a few meters with a walker, I need it. It’s a breath of fresh air, the feeling of movement not only inside your body but around you, changing the seasons, different smells and sounds, rain and snow and sun – all of this – life around us. It’s vital!

And you?


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