Pill duty

To give me my tablets, to control that everything is in time, to check on availability of medications at home, injections, solutions, drops, somehow became my husband’s duties by default. And he zealously takes care of these Pill Duties and me.

psfix_20190404_1413537517216738275059006.jpegWhen we first time came from the hospital with the new diagnosis and basically the new life ahead of us, we created a small daily routine with blood pressure and temperature tests and pills that he was giving me according to the list. And this routine continued for quite a bit.

Much later, with two more hospital visits, where the nurses do this, and we got all good blood pressure results we stopped taking measurements at home on a regular basis, but the Pill Duty stayed on my husband, even though with the number of pills increased enormously and different timings became crazy.

No matter if it’s 11pm followed by 2am, followed by 8am. He knows. What, when and how much and just how. To tell the truth, even if I tried, I wouldn’t have known the names of the drugs that I’m taking every day. 😀 And in this very instant I’m looking at the next pile of pills and can’t recall what is what.

Some might think, that it’s not a big deal, but it is for me. And what’s more important, for my body! If I forget to take the painkillers, for example, in time – in a few hours I can just feel a little bit of pain or I can be struck down by a massive amount of it. And it will be very hard to deal with and make it stop. Or stomach staff, nobody talks about it except in the hospital itself, but it’s really important, and If you have problems with the stomach because you are not taking a pill helping it to work, you might be really uncomfortable for days!

So, it’s a real responsibility and many thanks to my husband for taking the Pill Duty on himself! I, personally, would be all over the place with this.

Many hugs and kisses to you, dear!😘



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