Exercise in “taking it easy” at home

Do you know that I have especially fiery ants in my pants and was never able to take it easy? It didn’t happen when I came back from the hospital the previous time too. And you know, I’m very well aware of my situation and the condition I’m in, the consequences and chances. The aftermath and repercussions each day can bring depending on how I spend it.

psfix_20190225_0123394986240705272295098.jpegSo, the time had finally come for me to leave the second hospital. And I was planning to do better this time! By the way, both places were really great, especially the people who work there! But I’d love not to come back to these great places, as you can understand. Which means that at home I should be very careful, take little steps, do not overstretch my limited resources, be patient at least! So, the day I was going home was exciting enough and this time, I thought I would take it slowly and wouldn’t jump around!

Attempt #1

Everything was going smoothly. We got back home and met with our home care nurses and stayed home with no plans except for a dinner, nicely cooked by my husband and, maybe, a movie. Continue reading

How I got kicked out of the hospital

Oh, finally getting home after the hideous, almost two months long, overstay on a hospital bed, after some time, my brain started to work a little, and I realized that I totally forgot to tell the story, how about two weeks ago (already three, while I was finishing this post!) I was kicked out of the hospital I was in, and placed in another one till the end of my “sentence”! It was a shocking precedent for me, really! Why do they do it?


At that time my Doctor at the “Hospital K” and I were discussing my possibilities of going home as comfortable as possible. Still, I was in much pain and it didn’t look like it’ll be safe for me at the moment, but we were getting there step by step. I knew they wanted to send me home as fast as possible… And I even applied for the Home Care services so there will be some help for me at home, at least at the beginning, if I were not completely able to take care of myself. And yet!

It was an exceptionally ill-suited moment, Continue reading

Titanium spine and 50 shades of pain

After the recent operation, I’ve become a Wolverine! Now I have titanium supports around my spinal column: feel yourself a superhero for a change 😉 But as in the movie no change comes for free, it comes with the huge package of pain…

I almost do not remember the first day after the surgery, but neither do I remember a pain too. I was sleeping most of the time and I just assume that the sheer amount of the painkillers, epidural and the rest of the anesthesia was enough to spare me from all those suffering for at least a day.

The next night Continue reading

Post surgery – day 4

This is the first day I feel somewhat in my conscious and able to analyze and register what’s going on, thanks to anesthesia, too much pain and painkillers, doctors and tiredness and… constipation %)

Since this is the first time I mention any surgery, I need to explain what had happened.

Unfortunately, this was not any type of surgery to remove my tumor or any part of it, as one can assume. This was the one to deal with the consequences.

Some time ago we found out, that I got a metastasis in my spine, at first they found just one – in the lower part of my back, but since I was complaining about the pain higher up my spine, they checked and found another one.

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